Paneer Papad Crispy Jn gf : £4.95
Paneer stuffed with chutney and rolled in crushed raw poppadums before frying
Chilli Paneer Chinese Style gf: £5.45
Paneer made with spring onions and peppers flavoured with Indo Chinese flavours
Indo-Chinese Hakka Noodle V: £5.54
Noodles made with bell peppers, spring onions flavoured with Indo Chinese flavours
Kathi Roll: £5.54
Vegetables & paneer sautéed with cumin seeds, spices & chaat masala; wrapped in roti
Onion Bhaji/Mix Pakora V: £3.50
Potatoes, cauliflower, onion chilies mixed with besan, deep fried with spices

Street Food Starter

Panipuri V Jn: £4.85
Crispy wheat shells with potatoes and chickpeas filling served with spicy water
Dahin/Sev – puri V: £4.85
Puris served as the base to hold an astounding topping of vegetables and chutneys, garnished with sev. An appetiser that can steal the thunder out of any meal
Bhel V: £3.85
A through mix of fresh vegetables, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, boiled potatoes and tamarind chutney
Papadi Chaat V: £3.85
A medley of garbanzo peas, mash potatoes topped on fried canapés, garnished with hot and savoury sauces
Samosa Chaat V: £4.85
Mashed samosas served with chick peas, potato, onions, chaat masala & chilled yoghurt, to make a tempting snack
Vada Pav V Jn: £4.25
Spicy potato filled vadas served inside a soft bun along with spicy and sweet chutneys
Aloo Tikki/Chat V Jn: £4.25
Masala stuffed spiced potato patties served with tamarind and coriander mint chutney

Grilled Appetisers

The traditional clay oven is truly the heart of all Indian barbeques. Everything from paneer to vegetables can be roasted in the Tandoor, emerging with a juicy and tender taste. Thanks to the intense dry heat and quick cooking. All our Tandoori’s accompanied with refreshing salad and sauce.

Tandoori Baby Corn V jn gf: £5.45
Baby corn marinated in chef special spices and tandoori roasted
Paneer Tikka: £5.45
Paneer marinated in chef special spices and tandoori roasted
BBQ Skewers: £5.45
Baby potato, Paneer, Broccoli and Cauliflower marinated in spl spices and tandoori roasted
Aloo Achari V gf: £4.95
Baby Potatoes blended with some exotic Indian spices

Hot Appetisers

Mumbai Pav- Baji: £5.45
Spicy blend of fresh vegetables cooked in tomato and onion gravy served with a bun cooked with butter or oil. Famous Mumbai Street Food
Quinoa Upma V gf : £6.45
Quinoa – a protein rich ‘super grain’ tempered with south Indian spices, roasted peanuts and seasonal vegetables
Chole Bhature V: £5.45
A combination of spicy chickpeas and fried bread made from maida flour

Mains (South Indian zone)

Annakut main contains the cuisines of the three of the most popular regions from India. The cultural and geographic diversity of these zones provide ample space for a variety of cuisines based on ethnicity, soil and climate

Plain Dosa V Jn: £5.45
Thin rice crepes
Masala Dosa V: £7.45
Crepes filled with potatoes and onions
Cheddar and Jalapenos Dosa Jn: £8.25
Crepes filled with cheddar cheese and jalapenos
Chinese Dosa V: £8.25
Crepes filled with onions, peppers, tomatoes flavoured with soya sauce and Annakut spices
Paneer Masala Dosa: £8.25
Crepes filled with paneer,onions flavoured with Annakut spices
Mysore Masala Dosa V: £8.25
Thin rice crepes with layer of Hot Chutney filled with potatoes and onions
Uttapam (Onion /Tomato) V Jn: £7.45
Thick rice and lentil pizza like pancake topped with tomatoes, onions, green chillies and coriander & served with sambhar and coconut chutney

Mains (Gujarati Zone)

Kaju Karela V gf: £8.25
Crunchy fried bitter gourd tossed with jaggery, poppy seeds, cashew nuts and special spices
Ringan Bateta V Jn gf: £7.45
Aubergine and potatoes cooked in tomato gravy and special Annakut spices
Sev tameta nu Shaak V gf: £7.45
Delectable preparation of tomatoes tempered with cumin seeds and ginger cooked with fine vermicelli made from gram flour
Ringan no Oro V gf: £7.45
Char grilled aubergines mashed and cooked with fresh tomatoes, spring onions and spices
Lasaniya batata V gf: £6.45
Garlic flavoured baby potatoes sautéed in spices
Vatana Batata V Jn gf: £6.45
Potatoes and green peas cooked in tomato and onion gravy along with distinct Indian Guajarati spices
Gatta nu Shaak: £8.25
Steamed gram flour dumplings cooked in a spicy yoghurt curry

Mains (Gujarati Zone)

Paneer Makhani gf: £8.45
Cubes of succulent Indian cottage cheese simmered in a creamy tomato and onion sauce with a subtle blend of cardamom and dried fenugreek leaves
Zaffrani Paneer Tikka Masala gf: £8.45
Marinated Paneer served with curry made from onion, tomato, yoghurt & cream (medium spicy)
Paneer Bhurji gf: £8.45
Crumbled paneer cooked in onions, tomatoes and capsicum with special punjabi spices
Mushroom/Paneer Palak gf: £7.95
Mushroom/Paneer served with spinach cooked in tangy green gravy
Kadai Paneer: £8.45
Famous punjabi dish made with freshly pounded coriander seeds and kashmiri chillies
Annakut Spl. Korma gf: £7.95
Mild spicy dish with chopped veggies cooked with coconut and cashew gravy
Veg Kolhapuri (Spicy) V: £7.95
A colourful bunch of veggies (cauliflower, peppers, potatoes & carrots) in a medium-spicy and tangy gravy
Malai Kofta gf jn: £8.45
Homemade cheese and mixed vegetable dumplings simmered in a rich creamy sauce
Aneri Bhindi V gf: £7.45
It’s a flavour packed okra (lady fingers) dish cooked with onion, tomatoes and fresh ginger
Vegetarian Spicy Keema gf: £7.45
Protein rich soya mince cooked with onion, tomatoes and peppers in Indian spices A healthy vegetarian surprise for meat lovers
Lasooni Palak V gf: £7.45
Garlic flavoured spinach leaves cooked in yoghurt based gravy


Ankut Special Thali: £12.95
Starter of the day followed by channa masala, veg korma, paneer tikka masala, dal makhani, rice and naan, kheer for dessert
Vegan Thali: £11.95
Vegan starter followed by aloo matter, channa masala, dal tadka, rice and naan, seero for dessert


Tadka Daal V gf: £6.45
Smooth and rich Chana daal cooked with onion, tomatoes & Punjabi spices
Daal Makhani jn gf: £6.95
Smoked whole black lentils cooked with fresh cream, butter and blend of garam masala
Kadhi gf jn: £6.45
Yoghurt shorba made from fresh buttermilk, seasoned with cumin, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves
Pakora Kadhi gf: £6.95
Pakora made of mixed vegetables dipped in yoghurt curry
Sambhar Daal V gf: £6.45
Fresh vegetable and lentil soup
Dal Fry gf: £6.95
Smooth rich lentil cooked and tempered with cumin seeds, onions, garlic and spices sautéed in ghee


Boiled Basmati Rice V: £2.50
Veg Pulav Rice V: £4.95
Rich basmati rice and vegetables flavoured with masala to give a unique taste and flavour
Annakut Royal Biriyani: £7.45
Aromatic basmati rice cooked with fresh mixed vegetables, nuts, spiced with garlic, chilli and ginger flavoured with saffron, garnished with paneer served with riata sauce
Vaghareli Khichdi V: £6.45
Mixed lentils and rice cooked with mixed vegetables onions and combination of special Indian spices


Plain Naan V: £1.75
Garlic /Chilli / Coriander / Cheese Naan: £2.45
Peshwari Naan (stuffed) N: £2.95
Palin / Onion Kulcha: £2.95
Shabnam Paratha (stuffed): £3.25
Flaky and buttery whole wheat bread stuffed with potato, sweet corn, cabbage and paneer
Tandoori Pudina Paratha V: £2.45
Lachha Paratha: £2.45
Tandoori Roti V: £1.75
Fulka Roti (3 pcs) V: £2.95
Paper thin soft Indian bread cooked on tava
Puri (4 pcs) V: £2.95
Deep fried wheat flour puffed Indian bread

Farali Menu (Fasting) V Jn

Sabudana vada (2 pcs) gf: £4.25
Tapoica / sago seeds mixed with potatoes formed into patty and deep fried
Mogo masala chips: £3.95
Cassava chunky chips fried and tossed in a spicy aromatic masala
Bateta ni suki bhaji gf: £6.25
Aloo jeera gf: £6.25
Sabudana ni khichdi n gf : £4.95
Tapoica / sago seeds cooked and tempered with cumin seeds, potato, green chilli and peanuts
Farali roti (2 pcs): £2.95


Poppadum with Chutney Tray gf: £1.75
Poppadums /p.p V gf jn: £0.65
Pickles /p.p: £0.80
Raita: £1.55
Dahi (Yoghurt): £1.45
Onion Chilli Salad: £1.75
Green Salad: £2.55


Ankut Special Shrikhand N: £3.75
Traditional Indian dessert made with thickened, strained and sweet yoghurt blended with saffron
Gajjar Halwa N: £3.75
Grated carrots cooked with milk, sugar and cardamom. Garnished with almonds and pistachios
Kesar Kheer N: £3.75
Rich and creamy rice pudding blended with saffron
Seero V: £3.75
Samolina and almond mixed with soya milk and sugar
Gulab Jamun: £3.75
Golden fried cheese balls served hot in rose flavoured syrup
Ice-creams (Strawberry/Chocolate/Vanilla): £2.45
Vegan Ice-creams (Mango/Strawberry/Chocolate): £3.25
Kulfi (Malai/Mango): £3.25
GLOSSARY: Vegan=V, Gluten free=GF, Jain (no onion or garlic)=Jn, Contain Nuts=N

An optional service charge of 10% will be added, if you feel the service is in any way lacking, just ask and charge will be removed

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